Violet the Clown and Teddy Town’s Best Birthday Party Tips and Idea’s

Planning a birthday party is fun and exciting. Violet the Clown and Teddy Town have gone to hundred’s maybe even a thousand’s of birthday parties in Boston and the surrounding towns. We have compiled this list of tips and ideas that really seem to help a party run smoothly.
-Have your kids help plan the party. Include your birthday child and siblings in the planning stages. Have them pick the theme, help with the decorations, make poster’s and even help choose the entertainment or activities.
-Music, music, music! Music is key to every party. Have some fun, happy, music playing softly in the back round or a little louder if you like and it creates the party environment.
-If you are having an entertainer or activity, like Violet the Clown or Teddy Town, make sure you have them arrive at least a half hour after all of your guests are invited. That way if there are straggler’s they do not miss any of the fun. Make sure to leave a parking spot for your entertainer, so they can arrive on time and easily.
-Plan an activity for the children to participate in when they first arrive. This activity will keep them occupied while you wait for all the other guests to arrive. Some favorites are cookie decorating, coloring, making music or if you have invited Teddy Town, the kids could make a craft for the bear or animal that they will soon be stuffing with the stuffing machine. They could make a bead necklace or decorate a t-shirt or a baby blanket for their new beary best friend.
-If you are serving pizza, have the restaurant cut it into 10 or 12 slices instead of 8. There is a lot going on at a party and a lot of food. Most kids can not fit it all in. This makes it easier for them to enjoy a little bit of everything.
-Have a few quick, fun, simple games planned. Just in case there is a little down time, it is good to have a back up impromptu game planned.
-Serve cupcakes instead of a cake. Most bakeries can make a cupcake cake that resembles a cake and can be themed with the party theme. This way there is no need to cut the cake, the cupcakes are the perfect size and the kids could choose from either vanilla or chocolate.
-Coordinate your activities with the entertainment. When the children are having their faces painted, you are greeting the rest of the guests. While the kids and adults are enjoying Violet’s magic show, you are setting up the cupcakes. After you sing happy birthday, Violet makes the balloons and you pass out the cupcakes and ice cream. That way you keep the party in motion.
-If you have hired Teddy Town, you can skip the goodie bags. The kids get to choose, stuff, dress and take home their very own special bear or animal to remind them of the fun they had at your party. Our animals are top notch and a great gift to take away as a goody.
-Relax, once the party has been planned and your guests have arrived, the party will roll along on it’s own and you can relax and enjoy your friends and
family. Before you know it, everyone will be saying their goodbye’s and smiling with the memories of an outstanding party!

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